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RECESS Education strives to promote equity and inclusivity through evidence-based, culturally responsive initiatives that bridge the achievement gap.



Rosalyn Walton


Rosalyn "Diane" Sumpter Walton was a true inspiration to her local community in Manatee County. Her dedication to promoting spiritual well-being in families was unwavering. Mrs. Walton's leadership and work in her church, along with her counseling of incarcerated and homeless women, embodied her selflessness and compassion. Her creation of The Eastside Poetry Club was a testament to her desire to inspire and encourage young people to creatively express themselves through the art of poetry.

RECESSS Education

RECESS Education's mission is the legacy of Rosalyn! Since 2016, We have partnered with community organizations to empower children and families. With a focus on ending education disparities that adversely impact students of color, RECESS Education creates and supports culturally responsive programs aimed at closing the achievement gap.

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